What’s better for the environment? How does material A perform compared to material B? Which of these materials should we as a manufacturer use if we want to reduce our product or company footprint?
Typical questions we get at Ecochain.

My answer always tends to be: “it depends…”

Not really a satisfying reply, right? However, as an environmental specialist I often – initially - feel that I lack the following knowledge:
- How is your product or material used?
- What is the functionality?

Because the answers to these questions will allow comparison and is the basis of our measurements. See, step 1 Goal and Scope in our LCA Guide.

Recently, this video has been in the back of my head again. It is a Ted Talk from 2013 presented by dr. Leyla Acaroglu an award-winning designer and entrepreneur. She really inspired me when I first watched her Ted Talk during my studies and I wanted to share this with you all. In my opinion, she’s totally right:

‘Functionality defines environmental impact’