*** Purpose & Community Guidelines***

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Ecochain community!

This is thé place to find- and get inspired by like-minded sustainable changemakers, to discuss important topics & developments in the field of sustainable business, and to ask our specialists any kind of questions that can help you and other companies become more sustainable.

We will post daily content in here, so highly suggest you become engaged!

At Ecochain we value mutual respect and responsible behavior. So, in order to meet the goals of this community, it’s important for members to feel like they are in a safe place that is populated by people with shared interests. Here are our community guidelines:

-Treat others online as you would treat them in real life
- Be tolerant towards other’s viewpoints; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align
- Respect the privacy and personal information of other alumni
- Communicate with courtesy and respect

Please do not:
- Make personal attacks on other community members
- Use defamatory remarks or make false statements against others
- Post prejudiced comments or profanity
- Bully or make inflammatory remarks to other community members

If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be removed from the platform.

Now let's get inspired!