Hi changemakers,

In last week's newsletter we covered 5 ways how departments within your business operations can take immediate action based on your environmental footprint results:

1. Research and development: Apply Ecodesign. Analyze how to effectively reduce the environmental impact that occurs in every stage of a product’s life cycle- from the raw material stage until the waste phase.

2. Procurement: Start sustainable procurement. Sustainable procurement is a very effective measure for reduction efforts, as a large part of your impact often lies in your supply chain or procurement efforts.

3. Commercial: Answer stakeholder demand. For marketing and sales, your environmental footprint means understanding how sustainable your products are- and how to communicate this to your customers & make environmental claims.

4. Operations management: Optimize environmental efficiency within all your business processes through identifying impact hotspots.

5. Top-management: Create a Climate Strategy based on a solid, measurable foundation. Environmental footprints provide credible and actionable insights that help make strategic decisions.

So, let's discuss;

What are your thoughts on putting footprints into action? Most interestingly- what would you use your environmental footprint for? Feel free to ask any questions!